Student suggests class on concealed carry requirements

Kelsie Clifton, Features Writer and Columnist

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Name: Kara Cho

Major: Business Administration with multidisciplinary in legal studies.

Class: Senior (online) student

“ I’m an advocate of the Constitution and a proud handgun carrier with a Concealed Carry License. I think it makes the most sense in our current climate.  Why in the world do the bad guys get to bring guns on campus and kill us sitting ducks?  We must have personal protection and we absolutely and unequivocally cannot expect university guards or officers to be everywhere on campus at every given time. No one knows who is carrying and who is not (because it is concealed).  There are people that carry on campus right now and no one knows.  Heck, it doesn’t stop the bad guys from carrying on our school campuses.  Good guys listen to and respect the laws.  Bad guys don’t listen and respect laws.  Thus, law abiding citizens should have the right to carry. Just because a CHL is going to be approved doesn’t mean that there will be less shootings on school campuses.  But I will bet that on those campuses which will soon allow responsible gun owners their right to carry, there will be less or no mass shootings.  I actually think the school needs to add a class on guns, responsible gun handling and CHL to the registry.”

Name: Daniel Segundo

Major: Communication

Class: Senior

“I guess you can say I am right in the middle with understanding why and why not it would be allowed. I understand it because with people carrying, it makes more opportunity for safety than for an opportunity of violence. Most people who are carrying, are doing so for protection rather than aggression. I think one way the University could improve this method is, the university should attempt to keep a record of who is carrying on campus. That little check system would help with the reassurance and trust of the faculty, staff, security, campus police, and most importantly, students. We live our everyday lives going in and out of buildings crossing people who are carrying. The fact that it carries over onto campus, doesn’t really worry me considering just about everywhere outside the university is cleared for CHL. It won’t cause me to be any more or less vocal in the way I handle myself and matters that may come up. I don’t have my CHL, but I’ve always wanted it. In my 24 years of life, I don’t think I’ve ever been in a situation which I felt pulling a gun was necessary. With that, I may get one but out of desire and not out of fear of others.”

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Student suggests class on concealed carry requirements