UTPB women’s soccer trailing behind

Elizabeth Garcia, Staff Reporter

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The women’s soccer team from The University of Texas of the Permian Basin competed at home against the Texas Women’s University soccer team in another conference game on Friday, October 7.

The first half of the match was an eventful one for the Texas Women’s team. In the first 10 minutes of the game they scored their 2 goals, earned 5 corner kicks, and had 4 more very close opportunities to score. The second goal of the evening was a beautiful cross to the middle, reached someone’s head where she found her teammate’s head and went to the back of the net. Their goalie also made three saves for their team in the first half.

The second half, the tables seemed to turn a bit. UTPB traded in a new goalie and a new set of starters on the pitch. In the first five minutes, Guadalupe Cordova hit a shot from the 15-yard line and shot it barely over the goal. UTPB had two more shots like this by Kelsey Byrd and Lindsey Bray. The Falcons also had two more good chances to score but fell a little short.

The Texas Women’s team had six more opportunities and one almost goal. This almost goal, a Texas Women’s player went head on with the UTPB goalie, hit the ball, hit the goalie in the hands and went over her head. The ball was going in until UTPB’s Desiree Guerrero got there just in time, out of nowhere, to kick the ball out. The Texas Women’s team had their last corner kick in the second half and their first free kick, the only one of the night.

Neither team scored the second half and the score ended 2-0. This is the Lady Falcons Soccer Team’s fifth loss of the conference.* ***

* ***

By Fernando I. Quinones

The UTPB Women’s Soccer team lost 2-0 to Texas Women’s University on Friday, October 7. From the start of the game, TWU took possession of the ball and created most of the opportunities. UTPB played for the counter-attack without much success.

In the brief span of two minutes, TWU took the advantage of two goals to zero. From an assist from the left-wing, Gaby Larson scored the first goal at the 11:52 minutes mark, and the second goal was a header at the 13:47 mark.

The UTPB team struggled to create opportunities with only two shots on target from the eleven attempted. At the end of the first half, the team managed to string a couple of good plays, but the definitions were off target.

The story throughout the second half was the same. TWU maintained possession of the ball, while UTPB struggled to connect the first pass to build a counter-attack.

Raul Stevens, a freshman with a Business major, also noted that there were “very little scoring opportunities.”

This has become a growing frustration for the team, whose record falls to 0-8-1, eight losses and one draw after yesterday’s game. “Not very competitive, they weren’t able to even challenge them,” said a frustrated Stevens.

On the bright side, turnout was high. 176 spectators went to see the team on the UTPB Turf Field. The cookout before the game was also well attended.

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UTPB women’s soccer trailing behind