Pop art gains fans

Artist James Gill fronts his artwork

Sonia Flores

Artist James Gill fronts his artwork "Fade to Close-up of Marilyn."

Sonia Flores, Multi-Media Reporter

American Artist James Francis Gill visited the Cardozier Gallery in the Charles A. Sorber Visual Arts Studios on Thursday, January 26 from 5-7p.m. During this time his well-known Pop Art paintings were displayed for visitors to see. Guests were also provided with refreshments and informational pamphlets of Gill’s work during the event.

Marianne Woods, an associate professor of art history at UTPB said of the event, “We just wanted to showcase Gill’s art while he’s still alive. We wanted him to have the opportunity to have a relationship with the students,” she added.

During the event Gill allowed students to ask him questions and take pictures with him. He was all smiles sporting a white cowboy hat representing Texas. He commented on his paintings saying that although he makes most of them simply because he loves to paint, some have a deeper meaning. “Most of the paintings I do–I simply do them because I like to paint. However, in some of my paintings, there’s a message. For example, my Political Prisoners Series (paintings) deal with the idea that we are prisoners to the system we are born in, you know we have it pretty good here that we are born in this system. If we were born in Russia it would be a whole different story or in Mexico for example, a whole different story.”

Gill added that if there was something he wants people to know about him it is that he likes people, he’s a nice guy, and he’s always liked to paint the late celebrity, Marilyn Monroe.

Wendy Earle, Curator of Collections and Exhibitions of the Museum of the Southwest attended the event and had nothing but good things to say about Gill. I really enjoy seeing historical works from the 1960’s and works that he’s still creating in the last few years, it shows that he’s ever evolving and never getting bored with himself,” she said.

James Pena, a member of the UTPB club MUSE, also commented on the art reception noting, “I enjoyed the event a lot. I love the artwork. It is amazing. My favorites were the “John Legend” and “The Beatles” paintings.”

The event welcomed a large crowd of people who took the time to enjoy Gill’s artwork.