President Watts attempts to reassure UTPB community pending potential budget cuts


Rafael Ricciardi

UTPB President Dr. David Watts speaks to the media following a town hall meeting on proposed Legislative budget cuts.

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In a nutshell, University of Texas of the Permian Basin David Watts stated: “Some summer school offerings will be cut. We cannot post positions in the next fiscal year. It is reality that we are dealing with (with a proposed Texas Senate budget reducing funding by 52 percent).” However, Watts said (at the Feb. 14 Town Hall meeting conducted on campus): the 52 percent reduction most likely “will not stand.” He said that he hopes that: “Line items will come back to life in the Senate. Line items have carried UTPB since its inception.” The president noted that the final reduced budget may impact student workers. “Everyone will experience cuts, it will just not be 52 percent,” Watts said.

He noted that the Legislature develops funding on a zero-based budget. “They start with nothing and add into it … and UTPB has more special line items than I can count.”

It is expected, that sometime in March, budgets will be announced by both the Senate and the House. Those budgets will go to a Conference Committee whereby a single budget should emerge approximately on May 29. “This is the beginning of a marathon,” Watts said. “And we will keep you apprised. It’s not over until it is over.”