UTPB students learn moves to ‘fight back’


Cassie Rivera

Students practice a self-defense technique called the “ready stance” which is intended to de-escalate a potentially harmful situation.

Cassie Rivera , Multi-Media Photojournalist

Students were introduced to the basics of self-defense during Falcon Palooza. Nicole Snell, of “Students Fight Back,” was on campus on the evening of April 19 to teach students a few basic self-defense techniques. Snell, along with student volunteers Siham El-Bjeirmi and Jefember Villela, demonstrated how to not only fend off an attacker but also how to de-escalate a potentially harmful situation. Snell also spoke about the importance of serious matters such as consent and being aware of one’s self and surroundings. For more information on how to help end violence as well as information about self-defense please visit studentsfightback.com