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Alfonso Zubiate began his freshman year somewhat overwhelmed, but soon steered his talents into mechanical engineering. He will be graduating in a matter of days from The University of Texas of the Permian Basin.

Alfonso Zubiate began his freshman year somewhat overwhelmed, but soon steered his talents into mechanical engineering. He will be graduating in a matter of days from The University of Texas of the Permian Basin.

UTPB mechanical engineering graduate has job ‘right out of the gate’

May 7, 2017

Graduating student Alfonso Zubiate (fourth from the left) celebrates with the UTPB flag football intramurals team which won first place on campus and advanced to compete in Dallas in the fall of 2016.

For some students, in their freshman year, graduating from college is easily seen down the road. However, for senior undergraduate student, Alfonso Zubiate, graduating was something that seemed overwhelming to him his freshman year.


“I will never forget my first semester at UTPB (The University of Texas of the Permian Basin). Thinking about how far graduation was (and where I was at) seemed distant. But, hey I’m here now and it came faster than I thought,” he said


Zubiate will be walking across the stage Saturday, May 13, 2017, to receive his Bachelors of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering. As a child, the graduation candidate has always had a desire to put items together and figure out how things worked which later led him to his inspiration for his degree.


“I always knew my strength was math but after high school, I didn’t know what degree I should apply this to. After doing some research and weighing in my interest I decided Mechanical Engineering would be the best fit for me. Even as a kid I have always had an interest in figuring out how things worked,” he stated.


Zubiate says that cost and convenience were two of the main reasons why he chose UTPB as the University to complete his Bachelor’s degree.


“When I found out they offered mechanical engineering in my hometown I was thrilled–and being an ABET (Acreditation Board for Engineering and Technolgy, Inc.) accredited program made my choice a little easier. UTPB has helped tremendously on making sure I have the tools and skills to achieve my career goals,” Zubiate informed.


When asked him what his dream job would be he, stated that graduating with a mechanical engineering degree is a dream come true for him, so any job where he gets to utilize his degree is his dream job. Right out of the gate he will be employed as a field engineer for Weatherford International working in the Artificial Lift Systems department.


“The UTPB career fair (facilitated by Tony Love) is a great opportunity to network and get familiar with the companies that are located right here in the Permian Basin. I believe learning how to write a resume and how to successfully answer interview questions is important when trying to achieve your career goals. UTPB does a great job in offering student activities to help with this,” Zubiate said.


Alfonso expressed that Dr. Forrest Flocker, Associate Professor and Undergraduate Chair of Industrial Technology, impacted him the most throughout his time at UTPB as a student. Along with his professors, he will miss being a student and being on campus.


“Dr. Flocker is a very intelligent man and has always pushed us into becoming the best engineer possible. I am going to miss the atmosphere of UTPB and just being a college student–from the football games to the student activities, and to the long nights of studying with friends. All those things will soon expire and I am grateful I had the opportunity to experience them.” Zubiate said.

Flocker said: “I always enjoyed having Mr. Zubiate in class.  He’s a tough and disciplined engineer who knows how to get things done.  I know that he will excel in whatever career path he chooses.”

During the pursuit of his Bachelor’s degree as a student, there was a time when Zubiate was working a lot during school and even found himself putting work over University assignments which eventually made it hard for him because he did not have much time to study.


“Sometimes we should look at the bigger picture and realize what matters the most to us and focus on that. However, I don’t regret making that decision. I believe it helped me realize the importance of school and what meant the most to me. Upcoming seniors should manage their time wisely, study hard, stay persistent, and ask if they need help. Those are probably the most important things to remind themselves when times get tough,” Zubiate said.

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  1. makhala oldham on May 8th, 2017 3:14 pm

    Congrats Zube! so happy for you!!!


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