Check out ‘The Free Store’ on campus


Cassie Rivera

Oscar Romo displays a shirt in the Free Store.

Staff Reports , Staff Writer

“Originally we had no space for the free store, so the Student Cooperative Club would have “free sales” every semester or two. We would set up in the Mesa Lobby and have a “free” yard sale where we gave away free stuff. Penney Nichols arranged that we would have a real space for the free store, so much thanks and recognition goes out to him,” Cooperative Club Faculty Advisor Dr. Rebecca Babcock said.
Babcock, the “store” founder said the conception behind the development of the “store” is “based on the Freecycle movement which aims to keep useful items out of landfills. The store is open to all: Students, Faculty, Staff and Community members. People can get stuff for neighbors, friends and family members. People going on mission trips can get clothes and other items to bring with them. Of course, we love to get donations of clean, usable items. No worn out or dirty items please, and no trash.”
If anyone would like to be an officer in the club, they should contact [email protected] or Aliethia Dean who is the new president. Oscar Romo (who recently graduated) is the outgoing president. We also need volunteers for the fall to maintain the store and we will be meeting each Monday at 1 pm in the summer to arrange the store so volunteers should show up then. The Free Store is in the Success Center. “In order for the store to remain strong, we need club members, officers, and volunteers. And we need people to both donate and take stuff!” Babcock noted. Founding the Free Store and continuing to promoting Undergraduate Research on campus are Babcock’s greatest prides, she said.