Can we now talk about gun control?

Ana Ruth Lugo Mejia , Multi-Media Managing Editor

A wall, or a travel ban or even deportation because what happened on Sunday could have been prevented if guns weren’t so accessible. But that’s a topic that it’s not willing to be discussed. Maybe that will change. Maybe it’s time. Who will be to blame this time? Is there really a place where one feels safe nowadays? Waking up to the news that there’s been a mass shooting is horrific, I can’t even imagine what the people that were at the concert in Las Vegas Oct. 2 experienced. But how many mass shootings does the US need to learn, to understand that there needs to be gun control laws? How many more people need to die? No place is ever safe. Nothing is ever the same. It has happened at a church, it has happened in a movie theater. At a high school, at a university. At a hospital, at a concert. Something needs to be done about this. Somebody needs to have the courage to take that step to what’s been ignored for some years now. Was it terrorism? Yes. It was domestic terrorism. The problem is not people coming here. The problem is here. The problem has been that some people for some reason feel like they have a right they were never given before, the right to end someone’s life, let alone 59 lives. Domestic terrorism has been ignored and left aside thinking it’ll pass. But no. What happened Sunday reopened an argument that needs a solution now. If the people want change in this country, they need to voice their opinion. For so long it has been ignored by the government–perhaps because of convenience, perhaps because of politics. But at the end of the day, the people make the changes, demand the changes. After all, there are more people than government. Your country, your choice. What will it be? It’s time to rethink gun control, no?