Event celebrates ‘Poetry en Español’


Ana Ruth Lugo Mejia.

Michael Zavada, UTPB Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, and an advocate of learning languages, reads the poem "Arbol" (Tree) in Spanish.

Ana Ruth Lugo Mejia, Multi-Media Managing Editor


On Thursday February 28, some students of the Spanish Graduate Program presented Poetry in Spanish. Along with them, some professors and staff joined in as well to read poetry from a variety of Latin American’ and the United States’ authors. They gathered in the University of Texas Library  of the Permian Basin (UTPB) Library Foyer to read ecological poems with the purpose of creating awareness of our ecosystems.

Before Micheal Zavada, UTPB Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, read “Arbol” (Tree) a short poem, he shared a few words “being a scientist and everything, I think it’s very important that poetry is part of everyone’s education because it helps see things differently ever since Pablo Neruda said ‘why do trees conceal the splendor of their roots?’ Not many people ever thought about roots”. Other poems like “Cielo y Tierra” (Sky and Land) by Efrain Bartolome, “I met a genius” by Charles Buckowski, “El pajaro” (The bird) by Octavio Paz and others were read.

ÁRBOL (poem read by Dr. Zavada)

Libro verde

árbol poeta

y cuanta poesía en tus hojas!


que se pose en tus ramas

se vuelve cantor.

Jose Moreno, Assistant professor in the Spanish program, spearheads the event.