Student Senate voting ends March 30


Ana Ruth Lugo Mejia, Multi-Media Managing Editor

Voting for people to represent you at your university is no different than when you’re doing it for a major election. This is just at a minor scale but it is your right–one that you must exercise since you are part of the university and you are paying tuition. You deserve to demand the best (and if necessary) voice your opinions and ideas to better your experience at UTPB.

As you may have heard Student Senate Elections are happening. Current senators are running to maintain their seats, and it is also open for others to run for seats of their major/minor, class, or classification. Some current senators are also running for the Executive Board.

So far student Senate has been busy this past year. Alex Rathbun, one of the senators representing the College of Arts and Sciences and biology and psychology major, said the student senators have been working on various resolutions. Rathbun stated that “most of them [resolutions] have already been passed this semester. Something exciting that will benefit faculty and students is the Falcon Friendly Discount Program. Senators (especially the Public Affairs Committee, led by Sydney Toledanes) have been diligently working to build this discount program with local restaurants. Basically, participating businesses will have a UTPB decal on their storefront to signal that they offer some type of discount or special offer for UTPB faculty and students. Other things that the student leaders have been working on concern the efficiency of speed bumps around campus, safety of crosswalks and parking lots and benefits to the SI Program. If you would like to know more information on these resolutions there’s a board on the fourth floor of the Mesa building or check through Falcon Link.

Rathbun said that the reason she got involved in Student Senate is that she could make a difference in the campus and “let other voices be heard and make their experience at school better.” She also stressed the importance of voting for student representation “you want people who will listen to what you want to see fixed on campus and take the time to make it happen so you can actually benefit.”

Voting is open this Wednesday and Thursday and it is online via Falconlink. There will be various voting tables set up around campus as well. Tables will be found at the following location:

March 30

Mesa Building Lobby

8 a.m.-noon.