Sandstorm literary magazine showcases students’ creativity

Ana Ruth Lugo Mejia

Ana Ruth Lugo Mejia, Multi-Media Managing Editor

For Victoria Hinesly, being the chief editor of the Sandstorm 2017-2018 University literary magazine was a learning experience.

The Sandstorm is the annual magazine publication that gives students from the University of Texas of the Permian Basin the opportunity to have their poetry, short stories and artwork published. This year Victoria was the chief editor, a job that came from Dr. Jason Lagapa. He asked if she was interested. She was.

She liked the whole experience and states that it was a fun to read the pieces and “see how creative my fellow classmates can be. I particularly like the artwork, though. Some of our classmates are wildly talented,” she said.

Along with Kirsten Geddes (the other editor) and Lagapa (faculty advisor), Victoria decided this year’s submissions that best fit the magazine. Requests for submissions from students began last year. All of the submissions were analyzed, and final pieces were selected for publication and prizes.

From this experience Victoria said that she learned how to use Adobe in design, create a magazine, and arrange the art pieces, poetry and short stories. The magazine can now be found on various tables in the Mesa building (especially on the fourth floor) and copies of the magazine will be handed out in the Mesa Lobby in the future.

In the meantime, 6 p.m. on Thursday, April 5 students will read accepted poems at the Ellen Noel Art Museum.

The best written piece slot was awarded to “Loss of Sight,” a poem by Kandice Hargreaves. The first runner up for Best Written Piece was the short story “Grandma did What?” by Karolina Whitley-Dobbins. UTPB Senior Lecturer Myra Salcedo, Ph.D. in in English/Rhetoric and Composition, said: “Karolina wrote this story as a class assignment. I approached her and said: ‘This is publishable. Enter it into the Sandstorm contest immediately.’ I am so happy to see that her talent was recognized, especially when students are hesitant to enter writing competitions and do not always recognize their own creative writing skills.”

The magazine cover art was produced by Aidely Aranda.

Other published students include Mariana Veloso, Kate Smith, Ashley Scott, Justin Sloane, Johnny Nguyen, Catherine Wood, Sandra Vega, Parker Hinesly, Darupad Sharma, Melissa Baggett, Kaitlyn Driver, Samir Chavaria, and Ana Ruth Lugo Mejia.