Free ‘Store’ in full swing, adding volunteers

Ana Ruth Lugo Mejia , Multi-Media Managing Editor

The Student Cooperative Club recently met. Many University of Texas of the Permian Basin (UTPB) students may not be aware that there is a “Free Store” located near the Success Center on the second floor of the Mesa Building.

Rebecca Babcock, William and Ordelle Watts Professor and Chair of the Literature and Languages Department, is the founder of the free store and club. She said that the mission of the club is to give away free items She said that “the purpose of the club is fun and sustainability. We believe that many good and useful items are thrown away in dumpsters that could be used by others. Especially at move-out day. Also it’s just fun to get free stuff. I love seeing people come into the free store and find a treasure that they didn’t even know they needed or wanted”.

Currently though there are not enough people involved. There’s a need for more officers, members as well as volunteers. Anyone is welcomed to join from Faculty to staff to students. Some of the work they are expected to do is to keep the free store tidy and organized. Volunteers will be needed to help with move-out day, and members will also have an opportunity to participate in campus-related activities such as the Halloween Carnival and to staff the table at club day.

The free store also has a small pantry, Babcock said

that “the food is donated by a local church. Although the free store is open to the entire community, the food pantry is only for our UTPB family.” She encourages people that would like to help to buy food, “we are in need of tuna, oatmeal, snack bars, and quick meals like noodle cups,” she said. She also notes that if you make donations please make sure the items are clean and in good repair. Do not bring in worn out, broken or trashable items. “If people want to buy new items to donate, students most need bedding and housewares. Also you may donate your used textbooks,” Babcock said.

Officers’ spots for next next year are needed. They will meet at noon the first and third Wednesday of each month. For more information, contact Babcock.