Ministry connecting college students with faith

Clarissa Gonzales, Reporter

A local church is giving college students a safe place to connect and a reason to believe – it’s called C2, a Crossroads Church ministry aimed at college students. 

“C2 can be described as authentic, fun, welcoming, and life-changing. You can go in and you will meet people like you have known them your whole life. Anyone can come and be yourself, enjoying music and the company of fellow students in search of guidance also”, C2 Pastor Phillip Scarnecchia said.

Scarnecchia says college can be tough – it’s a student’s first time away from home, students living in a new town, trying to find new friends. He says during a transitional time in a young adult’s, it’s important for them to have a safe place to go. He says C2 is a place for young adults seeking faith, or not knowing if faith is for them, to come and enjoy life, learn about the Bible and find encouragement through it.

“Crossroads for college students is a community of people encouraging each other in their faith and aspirations in life,”Scarnecchia said. 

He says it’s a great place for college students looking to find their path in life and to help them with daily struggles, while making new friends, memories and ultimately find their faith. 

C2 happens every Monday at 7:45 pm. Scarnecchia says a great opportunity to learn about C2 is coming up next week – the C2 Christmas Party. It’s set for Monday, December 10that 7:45pm at Crossroads Fellowship Church. He encourages people to wear their ugly Christmas sweater and join in for fun and games.